IDEA Partnerships created a "service-based" approach to real estate development that enables strong, long-lasting partnerships. A central component of this approach is creation of comprehensive strategic business plans that simultaneously consider and coordinate all the components necessary for success - from the institution's program strategies to design and financing of buildings.

The planning process, carried out with a full team of experts and in collaboration with the public partner constituencies, allows IDEA Partnerships to structure and finance projects that are both mission-driven and successful in the marketplace.

Real Estate Development
IDEA Partnerships plans, organizes, and carries out all aspects of real estate development projects - from institutional strategic planning to land use planning, financing, development, and property/asset management.  We do so either in behalf of, or in partnership with, institutions. IDEA Partnerships' role may range from at-risk developer to fee-based development manager to ongoing advisory and implementation support services.

Comprehensive Business Plans and Other Consultations
IDEA Partnerships also provides certain strategic, financial, and real estate planning services, usually in the form of comprehensive Strategic Business Plans (including land plans), often in collobration with or under subcontract to Eva Klein & Associates.

IDEA Partnerships also has strategic partnerships with many other firms who provide additional real estate development, market analysis, financing or other specialized capabilities to augment ours.

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