IDEA Partnerships has professional relationships and prior team experience with some of the largest and most prestigious national and international firms, as well as with prominent regional and local firms.

Even more importantly, IDEA Partnerships works with small niche firms and with many highly-skilled individual practitioners, some of whom are university-based and who thus bring the extremely valuable experience of working from the "inside" of the institutional decision environment.

William C. Morlok is the managing member of IDEA Partnerships. Alhtough Eva Klein retired from IDEA Partnerships in 2015, IDEA and Eva Klein & Associates continue to collaborate on projects.

Team Formation
IDEA Partnerships form a team for each planning or development project organized to include the disciplines and expertise required for the project.

IDEA forms teams that, based on each project's needs, include team members with expertise in:

  • Market studies and economics
  • Technology transfer/development and commercialization
  • Business entrepreneurship services
  • A/E design
  • Planning
  • Financing
  • Construction management
  • Asset management