Following is a partial list of comprehensive planning and implementation support projects of IDEA Partnerships or Morlok Development Group, unless otherwise noted.

Most are comprehensive Strategic Business Plans and most included land plans. Some involved broader regional economic development or innovation system strategies or university regional engagement strategies. All are university-centric.

In several cases, initial engagements were followed by additional services during a period of a decade or more.

  • Strategic Business Plan, Engagement Strategy, The University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (*)

  • Strategic Plan (and Land Plan), Research and Technology Initiative and Integrated Partnership Campus, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO

  • Strategic Business Plan, Regional Innovation System Strategy and University Innovation Park at Calgary, partnership of the Province of Alberta, City of Calgary, University of Calgary, and Calgary Technologies, Inc., Calgary, AB (*)

  • Strategic Concept Plan, Coordination of Land Plan, and Ongoing Development Implementation Services, Millennial Initiative and Campus, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC (*)

  • Strategic Plan, New Orleans Regional Biosciences Initiative (and Medical District), New Orleans Regional Planning Commission and an alliance of many university, public, private, and community partners, New Orleans, LA (*)

  • Master Plan (and Land Plan) and Ongoing Development Implementation Support,Saratoga Technology + Energy Park, NY State Energy Research and Development Authority, Malta, NY

  • Phase 3 Development Strategy, Center for Emerging Technologies, St. Louis, MO (*)

  • CORTEX Market Strategy and Development Priorities, CORTEX Life Sciences District, St. Louis, MO (*)

  • Strategic Business Plan (and Land Plan), Innovation Campus at SDSU and Brookings Knowledge Community, SDSU Growth Partnership, Brookings, SD

  • Strategic Business Plan and Integrated Campus/Park Master Plan, Penn State University-Erie (Behrend College) and Erie Industrial Development Corporation, Erie, PA

(*) In collaboration with Eva Klein & Associates

IDEAS' experience also encompasses the following two categories:

Partnership Campus, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs