IDEA Partnerships' business focus is successful real estate development partnerships, most often connected with university engagement strategies for Knowledge-Based Economic Development. Our business mission is to generate ideas and to create partnerships to meet complex challenges in the Knowledge Economy.

Our partners and clients are colleges, universities, not-for-profit institutions, state agencies, or regional alliance organizations in which there are institutional, public sector, and private sector participants.

IDEA Partnerships fills a well-perceived gap in real estate development expertise currently available to institutions, by offering the alternative of a professional real estate resource with a different development philosophy and a far more institution-friendly business process and approach.

IDEA Partnerships was founded in 2001, with a business philosophy and range of capabilities built on three decades of combined experience of its two principals:

  • William C. Morlok - institutional architecture and public-private partnership real estate development, including concepts for new places for the 21st century

  • Eva Klein - higher education strategy and finance, including engagement and economic/community development strategies of 21st century universities.


Oklahoma Technology and Research Park, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK



Eva Klein Receives
International AURP
Appreciation Award

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